Advanced DJ Course

Duration: 6 Months | Category: DJing

Advanced DJ Course

  • 5.0

Learn and master the hypnotic art of keeping people on their feet, with high spirits and party vibes. Scratch, Mix, Blend the music to set the temp like a true professional.

Course HighLights :

  • Method of organizing music
  • Exporting music from rekordbox
  • Use of loops in songs while mixing
  • Unlimited Practice HOT
  • On Field Experience HOT
  • Switching tempo | genres.Song Transaction
  • Record your own 30 minutes dj set share on social media
  • Using performance effect such as echo, delay, reverb & more..
  • Artist development, Building your dj identity & Promoting Yourself
  • Difference between normal mixing and Harmonic Mixing (Key Mixing)

Requirement / Qualification :

Absolutely no qualification required except a passion for music, a dedication to learn and the ambition to master the equipment, the process, the music and the techniques. Age - No Bar, Gender- No Bar. The course is ideal for those who do not have any background in CD Mixing as it gives a fairly intimate understanding and practice of the art.